Voice-to-Text iPhone and BlackBerry Application

Easily Dictate Emails and Text Messages With Your Smartphone Dragon Dictation for the iPhone (and Dragon Email for BlackBerry) is an easy-to use voice recognition application for your smartphone.  The application allows you dictate messages that are quickly converted...

What’s New in iOS4

iOS4 is the newest version of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, which is the software platform used by all models of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The biggest new features are enhanced security, multitasking (ability to run more than one app at the same time),...

How to Create a Custom Dictionary in Microsoft Word

Spell check is one of the best features of Microsoft Word.  It frees us from the worry of typos and the inconvenience of thumbing through the dictionary on a regular basis.  But the dictionary does have its downsides.  If it doesn’t recognize a word, it underlines it...
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