The Future of Payments: 2 Mobile Trends to Watch

It just seemed like yesterday we were trading checkbooks for debit cards, but in a few short years, even debit cards might become obsolete.   Here are two upcoming trends to watch: Square Card Case A little over a year ago, I wrote about Square, a credit card...

How to Backup Your Emails from Gmail

Google has taken some heat lately for losing data from their customers’ Gmail accounts.  This unfortunate incident highlighted the importance of data backups.  What if we’re not so lucky next time, and all of your emails are permanently erased?  One...

Managing Contact Groups in Outlook

Thanks to one of our Tech Tips subscribers for asking us about managing contact groups in Outlook.  We’ve added this topic to our Outlook tutorials playlist. How to Create and Edit a Contact Group How to Add a Contact Group from an Email How to Send an Email to...
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