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Favorite Features in iOS5 [Up for Discussion]

This idea came from Mike Adkins, Systems Engineer. We recently asked everyone at Nexxtep what their favorite new feature is in iOS5. Here are the answers: Richard Baker, Account Manager: Being able to view and customize notifications from the lock screen. Mike Adkins,...

Getting to Know Nexxtep: Gil Morris

It’s been a while, but “Getting to Know Nexxtep” is back!  Today we have an interview with Gil Morris, Systems Engineer.  Gil’s been with Nexxtep almost one year (Happy Anniversary on November 15th, Gil!). He has a degree in Computer...

How to Edit Word and Excel Documents on Your iPad

Last week, we received a Tech Tip question from Gail Arce, VP of Toxicology of Landis International. Gail asked: Question: I want to use my iPad as my travel computer.  I need an app that allows me to work on both Word and Excel documents through Dropbox.  Is there an...

How to Scan Documents with Your Smartphone

DocScanner is an app (available for iPhone and Android devices) that allows you to snap a photo of a document and transform it into a PDF document.  Then, you can take the PDF document and do a number of things, like: Email it to yourself or a colleague Send it to...

3 Ways to Use SMS (Text Message) Marketing

Have you ever seen one of these signs asking you to text a certain word to a set of numbers in exchange for a coupon, news, discount or other offer?  You might have wondered: how did they do that?  The answer: these businesses are using an SMS marketing service, like...

Using Automating Software vs. Doing It Yourself

One of our Tech Tips readers recently wrote in asking our opinion on purchasing document management software for her law firm. She wanted the ability to enter client information in a spreadsheet and create forms that would be automatically populated with the clients’...

Can I use my iPad to Manage My Finances?

This was a question from one of our Tech Tips readers who was considering purchasing an iPad. She had recently set up electronic bill pay with her bank and wanted to know if she could use her iPad to manage her finances.  I consulted with account manager Richard Baker...

3 Tools for Staying Organized

Earlier today, a client sent me a link to this great article by Michael Spremulli, corporate personality profiler and CEO of Chrysalis Corporation.  The article talks about how disorganization costs employers time and money. These numbers were particularly sobering:...


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