Automated Project Management

By August 20, 2008 No Comments

No matter what business you are in, you have projects.  Projects are how businesses make progress.  How does your company manage projects?  What tools do you use?  Email, white boards, post-it notes?  Something I see all the time is people managing projects with Microsoft Excel.  Although Excel can do a fine job of tracking projects, it is very manual.  Obviously, Excel is far better than sticky notes.  However, technology makes project management so much easier nowadays that it is almost sad to see businesses struggle with a manual project management methodology.
So why should you consider a more automated approach to project management?  Well the number one reason in my mind is communication.  Many projects fail because of a lack of communication, and if there is anything technology is good at, it is communication.  Here are some examples of automated communication:
– Emails to people when they are assigned a task
– Emails to remind people when due dates are approaching
– Email alerts to management when due dates are missed
– Email alerts to management when customer interaction takes place
– Emails to customers when a task pertaining to them is updated
– Email alerts to management when AR balances exceed a certain threshold
There are also other ways technology can automate project management including:
– Logging who reads and edit files associated with a project
– Prompting for change orders when the project scope changes
– Verifying resources (people, projectors, trucks, conference rooms, etc.) for each stage of the project
Basically, if you can dream it, there is probably a way to automate it.  What we at Nexxtep love about this type of automation is the return on investment is strong and easy to calculate.  If you would like to learn more, please feel free to give me a call.