Giving Guests Internet Access *Securely*

By August 29, 2008 No Comments

Businesses offering wireless Internet access to their guests is a very common practice these days.  Typically, this wireless access is offered in one of two ways.  Either each guest laptop must be individually configured with the proper wireless security settings; or the wireless access point is left completely unsecured (not recommended).  In either case, once the guest has established a wireless connection, the guest typically gains direct access to the host business’ network resources (most people don’t realize this).  Obviously, this is less than ideal.

Thankfully, a new very economical device is available that allows your guests to easily establish a wireless network connection with no configuration and gain access to the Internet.  The beautiful thing about the device is that it shields your network from your guests.  The guests can share your Internet connection without seeing any of your network resources or anyone else on the wireless network for that matter.

The solution is perfect for any business that has a waiting room where people might want to jump online or for those businesses that have occasional visitors with laptops.

Ryan Williams
Partner & CTO