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How to Create a Custom Dictionary in Microsoft Word

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Spell check is one of the best features of Microsoft Word.  It frees us from the worry of typos and the inconvenience of thumbing through the dictionary on a regular basis.  But the dictionary does have its downsides.  If it doesn’t recognize a word, it underlines it in red.  This can be very distracting if you use a lot of words that aren’t in the official Word dictionary. Believe me, when you work at a company called Nexxtep and have the last name Shenton, it happens a lot.

One way to get the red out is to create a “custom dictionary” in Word.  You can add words to the dictionary that aren’t already there.  You can also add proper nouns or technical terminology.  For example, if you work in a medical office and use a lot of technical terms and abbreviations, you can add them to your dictionary.

Here’s how:

1. Click the Office button and select Word Options

2. Select the Proofing options

3. Click Custom Dictionaries

4. Click New

5. Enter a name for you dictionary and click Save

Your new dictionary will appear in the dictionary list.

Adding terms to your dictionary is also easy:

6. Highlight your dictionary

7. Click Edit Word List

8. Type a word in the Word box

9. Click Add after you check the spelling of the word

10. Repeat for all the words you’d like to add

11. You can delete a word by highlighting it and clicking Delete

12. When you’re done, click OK

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