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Why is technology important for small businesses?

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Could your business get by without an accountant or bookkeeper?  Would you make any money if you didn’t have a sales team or showroom for your products?  My guess is no, and technology is no different.  It’s a crucial part of a business’s operations.   Your business is probably very dependent on technology, and at the very minimum you need  your computers and networks to be up and running at all times.  But are you happy with just the bare minimum, or are you thinking of the big picture?

Over the past few decades, businesses have had a pattern of relegating the IT function to a department or a service technician.  Terms like “business-IT alignment” became popular.  This fancy terminology might sound good, but it is bogus.  To quote a great article from Smart Planet:

“Can you imagine people talking about ‘aligning’ accounting and finance to the business?  Or ‘aligning’ the CEO to the business?  That would be pretty pathetic, wouldn’t it?  So why do we constantly fret about ‘business-IT alignment?’ ”

As a business owner or manager, you have a choice.  You can think of technology as an ancillary component of running your business.  A “necessary evil,” if you will.  You can attempt to “align” IT to your business by hiring a service technician (either internally or externally) who will keep you up and running and fix your computers when they aren’t working right.  You can keep IT tucked away in a corner and do your best to avoid it at all costs.

Or, you can think of technology as a core business function, no different than finance or sales.  Technology can be a driving force of your company’s growth and stability.   In this case, you might hire a company like Nexxtep, who will provide technology leadership for your business.  Sure, we can fix your computers, but we can also give you a technology roadmap, a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, and help you make your business processes more efficient, among other things.   We’ll become a part of your company’s overall strategy, because we not only understand business; we are business.

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