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What’s the Difference Between an Air Card and a WiFi Network?

By September 22, 2010 2 Comments

Both air cards and WiFi networks allow you to surf the internet wirelessly (no need for phone cord or Ethernet cable).  In this article, I’ll explain the differences between air cards and WiFi.

Air cards are thin, metal cards that you insert into a slot on your laptop or netbook.  You can purchase them from your cellular service provider, and once they are installed and configured on your computer, you can surf the internet from anywhere that has a cellular connection.  With an air card, you’ll pay a monthly fee between about $30 – $60 (prices depend on how much data you use).

Pros: Ability to surf the web almost anywhere, affordable.

Cons: Not as fast as WiFi, and you will be charged hefty fees if you use more data than your plan allows.

WiFi networks allow users to connect within a certain range of a centralized device (wireless modem and/or router).  For example, we have a WiFi network in our office, and anyone who has the password can surf the internet anywhere inside the building.

Pros: Fast connections, anyone in range can access the network (as long as they have the password or it is not password-protected).

Cons:  Limited to range of the wireless router

If you are interested in purchasing an air card, contact your cellular service provider.  If you’d like us to set up a wireless network for your office, call us 229-671-1513.


  • joyce Aigen says:

    I am going on a cruise on Holland America lines to Western Carribean next month. I ususally take my lap top but just use it to go to my pc from it. Will I be able to get to my pc from the cruise shiip and if so what is the best method to use.

    Need to use my iphone as well. Any suggestions==

    Keep running my business even though I am out of town.

  • anne says:

    I am not sure what the wifi/computing capabilities are on that particular cruise line. I would suggest calling the cruise line’s customer service department and asking them. I’m sorry I could not be of any more help.

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