Technology Predictions for 2011

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Last year, I posted a Tech Tip covering 3 Technology Predictions for 2010.  Did they come true?  Keep reading to find out.  Also, the Nexxtep team gives you their Technology Predictions for 2011.

Technology Predictions for 2010

1. There will be a marriage between e-reading devices such as the Amazon Kindle and tablet PCs.  Ideally, most people would like to carry only one electronic device with them.  A marriage between the popular e-readers and tablet PCs would simplify our lives.

Did this come true?

Sort of…

Did someone say iPad?  With almost 10 million units sold in 2010, there is no doubt that tablet devices are here to stay.  However, do the iPad and similar devices really simplify our lives?  They’re not powerful enough to replace your laptop, and they can’t make phone calls.  It may be small, cool, and useful, but the only thing it can replace is an e-reader.

2. There will be a surge in location-based smartphone applications.  For example, if you want to find a certain type of restaurant close to your exact location, certain applications can use your GPS location to tell you about the nearby restaurants.  Other applications like ShopSavvy can use your phone as a barcode scanner to scan virtually any product, search the internet and find the cheapest prices for that product.

Did this come true?


Location-based services like Foursquare and Yelp continued to grow in popularity.  Facebook even took notice and launched its own location-based service called Places.

3. Basic medical experiences will change with the help of technology.  Consumer-focused applications and electronic devices will make it easier to send health information to your doctor, thus reducing visits to the doctors’ office.

Did this come true?


Unfortunately, I think this prediction was a little premature.

Technology Predictions for 2011 (From the Nexxtep Team)

Richard Baker:  Account Manager

1)      The cloud discussions will move from “when” to “how”.

2)      Verizon will launch a 4g iPhone.

3)      Cybersecurity concerns will remain a hot topic.

4)      Facebook wins the location war. Foursquare loses.

5)      U.S. wireless carriers will meter your data. Consumers will end up paying more, of course.

6)      Smartphones will be the targets of hackers and viruses.

Gil Morris:  Systems Engineer

1)   I see Apple becoming the largest technology company on the planet, overtaking rival Microsoft, regarding market share and thus becoming the new “target” for cyber-criminals. That said, Apple security will be a “new” market poised for exponential growth as most Apple fans have rarely seen the need for enhanced security measures like their PC using counterparts.

2)   The American FCC’s current attempts to regulate the Internet will (hopefully) fail and the so-called Net Neutrality push will dissolve. I do see some form of regulation but nothing as heinous as Big Brother watching your every move online. Most modernized governments can’t even police themselves much less the Internet.

How about you?  What are your technology predictions for 2011?

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