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How to Backup Your Emails from Gmail

By May 9, 2011 No Comments

Google has taken some heat lately for losing data from their customers’ Gmail accounts.  This unfortunate incident highlighted the importance of data backups.  What if we’re not so lucky next time, and all of your emails are permanently erased?  One possible solution is a free download called Gmail Backup.  This program is very easy to use.  Here is a quick how-to.

1. Download and run the program on your computer.

2. Once the program has installed, open it and enter your Gmail account information.

3. Click on Directory to choose the folder you to use for backing up your emails.  I created a folder called “Gmail Backup.”

Gmail Backup Instructions

Find the folder you wish to backup your files in.

4. Unless you wish to only save your newest emails, uncheck the “Newest emails only” box and select the date range you wish to use.

5. Click on Backup to begin your Gmail backup.

Click Backup to Save Your Emails in Gmail

6. When the backup is complete, you may Quit the program.  Your email files will be saved to the destination folder you selected.

Finish your Gmail Backups

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