3 Ways to Use Surveys to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Here at Nexxtep, we love  making data-driven decisions.  So it’s no surprise that we also love surveys.  If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you’ve probably seen a few surveys pop up to gauge your interest in newsletter topics, client appreciation events and the like. What you might not know is that we use surveys every day for a multitude of other reasons.  Here are a few that might be helpful for your business as well:

1. Employment Applications

Our job surveys serve as a pre-screen for candidates.  We use them to gather the usual contact details, but also to learn about how proficient applicants are with the specific technologies we use. We can look at the results and quickly identify which candidates are qualified for an in-person interview, which saves time for both the job-seekers and us.

2. Customer Service

When a client submits a support ticket, we email a customer service survey to the client after the ticket is closed. We use the results to measure client satisfaction and to identify areas that need improvement.  An added bonus to using customer service surveys is that you can use the results to promote a very specific customer satisfaction rate  (e.g. “99% of our surveyed customers gave us a perfect score in service”).

3. Employee Feedback

Surveys are a powerful tool for gathering feedback from employees.  By making the survey anonymous, you open the floor for your employees to deliver uncensored, candid feedback. Some questions you might ask are: “What do you like best (and least) about working here?” and “What do we need to start (and stop) doing to create a better work environment?”


We’re very happy with a paid plan from SurveyMonkey, although there are many other comparable services, such as PollDaddy, Zoomerang and Survey Gizmo.

All this talk about surveys must have you dying to fill one out, right?  Well, you’re in luck, because we’re looking for our next Partner of the Month to feature on Facebook.   All you need to do is give us your contact information and share one thing you like about working with Nexxtep. The winner will be notified by June 29th!

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