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How to Speed Up a Slow Computer

By June 6, 2012 No Comments

Slow computer giving you trouble? Here are three things that might be slowing you down:

  1. Spyware.  Spyware and Adware are programs created by companies to find out more information about customers, so they can better market products to them. Spyware and Adware can hog computer memory and slow it down.  Make sure you have an anti-virus program installed that will periodically scan and remove spyware from your PC.
  2. Full Desktop or Hard Drive. Each time Windows starts, operating memory is used for all files on the Desktop. If those files are Shortcuts, the total amount of memory used will be small. If however, there are several or dozens of files on the Desktop, those will use lots of operating memory, essentially for no purpose or gain.  Try moving these files to your “My Documents” folder.  If your desktop is clear, and you still have a slow computer, check how much space is left on your hard drive. If your entire hard drive is almost full, you should delete unused files or move them to an external hard drive.
  3. Old Age. Think of your computer as a car.  As it racks up more and more miles, it won’t run as fast as it did when it was brand new. So how often should you trade in?  It depends on how much you use your computer and what you use it for. If you get five good years out of your PC, pat yourself on the back.


This is by no means an exhaustive list. It’s simply a list of the most common causes we encounter when working with this issue.  If you’re a Nexxtep partner suffering from the slow computer blues, give us a call at 229-671-1513 and we’ll give your PC a tuneup.


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