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Turn Google Drive Into a Permanent Backup Solution for Documents and Photos

By June 13, 2012 No Comments

In case you haven’t heard about Google Drive, this is a pretty slick feature upgrade for Gmail and Google Apps users whose Admins have this feature activated. Here’s the 411 on how I turned my Google Drive into a permanent backup solution for my personal documents and photos.

 The 411

1. If you have a Google Apps or Gmail account, Sign up for Google Drive, and then download the Google Drive desktop client.

2. Once the client is installed, you’ll need the path to Google Drive folder to sync all docs and photos with Google Apps account. To do this, right-click on the Google Drive folder icon and select Properties (or open Windows Explorer and select Google Drive, then right-click to select Properties). Select the target path and press Ctrl+C to copy it to the Clipboard. It should look something like this (highlighted blue text):

Google Drive

3. Close the Google Drive Properties window and select My Documents (or Documents for Vista/Windows 7 users). Right-click on My Documents (Documents) folder and select Properties. Paste the Google Drive location into the Target or Location field in the Properties window. Apply and save the changes and close Properties window.

4. Perform the same steps for My Pictures.

Now, whenever you save items to your documents and pictures folder, they will sync with your Google Drive.


1. Keep in mind a standard Google Drive only contains 5GB of space. This should be fine for “most” users, however power users will need to contact their Google Apps Admin for increased storage from Google (for a fee).  If you’re looking for a business-wide backup solution, check out our StorGuard line of backup solutions.

2. Windows Vista/Windows 7 users need only change their local My Documents and My Pictures folders NOT the Public ones. To disable Public Folders location for My Documents and My Pictures in Windows Vista/Windows 7, open Windows Explorer and select Libraries. In the view pane right-click on Documents and ensure that My Documents is selected as the default save location for files. Do this for Pictures as well. This will cut down on any unnecessary files being added to the user’s Google Drive. I cannot imagine most users ever wanting or paying to upload their Videos but the process would be the same for this folder as well.




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