Back to Basics: 7 Quick PC Tips

1) Restart your PC at least twice a week; this allows updates to install/finish installing.

2) Don’t open email attachments or click on links from people or places you don’t recognize. Even if you do recognize them, don’t open them unless you are expecting an email from them. Examples: Delta, Paypal, your bank, etc.

3) Unplug your computer (and all essential/valuable electronics) during a lightning storm. Don’t trust your surge protector in bad weather.

4) When installing new programs, make sure to go through each step slowly. Make sure to read each screen. Do not “accept” or “agree” to any “toolbars” or “search bars,” including but not limited to “google toolbar,” “yahoo toolbar,” “bing bar” or “ask.com toolbar.” These are intentionally put in the middle of a program install wizard in the hopes that the user will install them without paying attention or noticing. You DO NOT have to install the toolbars to be able to install the intended program. Toolbars slow down your computer’s performance severly.

5) Secure your home’s wireless network with a password! Hackers etc. can get on them and use them for nefarious purposes if they are not secured. You could potentially be held liable if these wrongdoings occur on your wireless network.

6) Always keep your Windows operating system up to date (make sure to restart it often so updates can finish installing).

7) Always keep an anti-virus program on your PC and keep it up to date. Run a full system scan at least once a week. You can usually schedule these to run when you’re not using your computer (after work, at night, etc.).


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