How to Get Things Done the Right Way, Every Time

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Last week, a client and I were discussing how the current economy requires us to do more and more with fewer and fewer resources. This got me thinking–how can you do more with less?

Here are some of my ideas. To do more with less, it helps to find ways to:

  • Become extremely efficient.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks to free up time for revenue-generating activities.

How quickly and consistently can you get things done?

If you’re like most organizations, you probably have some variation of these procedures:

  • Month- or Quarter-End Closings
  • New Employee On-Boarding
  • Purchasing New Equipment
When you implement these procedures, do you follow the same exact steps every time? Or do things tend to fall through the cracks? Without the right system in place, it’s pretty hard, if not impossible, to stay on track. These are just a few roadblocks you might encounter:
  • You realize there are steps you haven’t even thought of, like getting purchase approval from the department manager in addition to a purchasing manager.
  • Every new employee has a completely different on-boarding experience. Some new hires feel welcome, while others just feel lost.
  • By the time you finish month-end closings, it’s already the end of the next month. You barely have time to come up for air before starting over again.
What if you could set these processes up so that every person involved would know exactly what they need to do and when–automatically? Once a process is setup, no more effort is required. Ever.

Your processes would become a lot more consistent. You’d get a much clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t work, and you could tweak each process to perfection. Maybe you need to spend more time training new hires on your software programs, and less time going over the employee handbook. You could easily point out these discrepancies.

Not to mention, you’d have a lot more free time on your hands.

Then you could automate some value-adding tasks that you would have never had time to even think about before, like:

  • Sending a welcome gift to every new customer or client.
  • Sending a thank you note to every customer who refers you.
  • Following up with every customer six months after their first purchase.

You'd also have more time for things like this!

Again, once you set it up, it’s all automated. When a new client signs on, your marketing manager will automatically get an email asking her to send a gift to the new customer. Once she completes the task, she’ll just press a button within the same email that says “Finished.” Six months later, you’ll get an email reminding you to call the new customer to make sure they’re still happy. If they are happy, you’ll press “Yes,” and a referral request process automatically kicks off. If they’re not happy, you’ll press “No,” and a damage control process kicks off.

How can you do this?

We’ll show you during the “Guaranteed Accountability” workshop at our Partner Conference on September 13th. Let me assure you–it’s not expensive (and any expense pales in comparison to the revenue you’ll gain from time savings). Even if you don’t want to use our tool, you’ll still get plenty of ideas for value-adding processes that you can implement in your organization.

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