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How to Create an “About Us” Page That Your Visitors Will Actually Read

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Your “About Us” page typically grabs a lot of your website’s overall traffic. Visitors want to see the face behind your name. They want to know your story and why you do what you do. They want to know that when they hand over their money or even just pick up the phone to call you, they are communicating with a real live human being that they can trust. Does your About Us page tell your story? Can you articulate your story in a way that resonates with your customers? If you can’t, or haven’t, don’t worry. You are not alone.

A few months ago, I read an article in Entrepreneur called “How to Tell Your Company’s Story.” It really resonated with me. I decided that we needed to overhaul our About Us page, so I bookmarked this article for my to-do list, where it stayed for the next 79 days.

Company Story

In my defense, the following weeks were really busy. We moved, hosted an Open House, and took on a lot of new web design projects.  All good things, but time-consuming nonetheless. The About Us project moved to the back of my mind and periodically came out to nag me when I was checking surrounding items off my to-do list. The nagging reached a fever pitch last week, and I decided to re-read the article. Perhaps there was something I missed the first time that would help me kick-start this undertaking once and for all. Lo and behold, there was:

“Ask a handful of people in various ranks and roles to share five adjectives they’d use to describe the company and two aspects of the business that are unique or valuable. Look for themes or especially strong responses, and synthesize them into a clearly defined description.”

Here’s what I did next. 

I setup a short survey in SurveyMonkey with just three questions.

  1. Please list 5 adjectives you would use to describe our company.
  2. What are 2 aspects that make us unique or valuable?
  3. Who are you?

I emailed the survey link to everyone at Nexxtep and got a handful of high-quality, thoughtful responses from employees representing all ranks and roles. Then, I went over to and plugged in all the answers from Question 1. I used the advanced section to add weighted values to each term. For example, we had 5 responses for “Friendly” and 2 for “Educational.” The end result was a Word Cloud that shows all of our weighted responses in a really cool, visually-digestible way.

Nexxtep Word Cloud

I used the open-ended answers from Question 2 to create a general outline for the page. Then, I used the Word Cloud to help me focus on the attributes that define us and filled in the rest of the space for our story. I then added some testimonials (gotta have social proof!) and a timeline with our biggest milestones through the years. The result is a new “crowd-sourced” About Us page. It’s brand new, so I’d love to know what you think (good or bad).

Do you have any tips for building a great About Us page, or any remarkable examples you’d like to tell us about? Please share in the comments!

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