Enter to Win an iPad with Your Next Referral!

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ipadRefer a friend to Nexxtep between October 1- December 31, 2013 for a chance to win a new iPad and matching carrying case!

How the contest works:

  • Enter your referral information here, or call Anne Shenton at 229-671-1513.
  • We will enter your name in the iPad drawing, then call to schedule an appointment with your referral.
  • We will pay you or donate $25 to your favorite charity for anyone that you refer to us that we get an appointment with.
  • When your referral becomes a client (And spends $1,000 or more), we will pay you $200 more or donate $200 more to your favorite charity. And we will give your referral $100 off their purchase plus give you another entry into our contest for the new iPad.
  • So you’re wondering, who makes a good referral for Nexxtep? Answer: An executive with purchase authority who is looking for help with corporate technology, business processes, a website, communication or employee accountability.  If you have a friend or associate in need, please pass our information along or call me and we’ll reach out to them. We promise to treat your referrals with kid gloves and guarantee no high-pressure sales tactics.

How to Play: Call Anne Shenton at 229-671-1513 with your referral details or you can go to:

Contest Starts: October 1, 2013 Ends: December 31, 2013

For each referral you provide, your name will be entered into the drawing for a chance to win a new iPad and case. 

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