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Evernote- Can you Be Helped?

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This guest post was written by our friend Judy Sherling. Judy is a management consultant and serves as a voice for the modern-day SMB controller on her blog, The Everyday Controller

The workplace today is a minefield of projects, deadlines, tasks and to-do lists.

If you’re a big a fan of AMC’s wildly popular MAD MEN series, then you know that at Sterling & Cooper in front of every (male) executive’s office is a secretary’s desk. Back then, the word multi-tasking didn’t even exist. A secretary’s day was totally predictable and repetitive:

1) bring the boss some coffee

2) open the mail and sort it

3) file

4) type

5) answer the phone

6) wash out the boss’s coffee cup,

7) start all over the next day

Fast forward about thirty to forty years and the secretaries and secretarial schools are gone. In our cost cutting, expense controlling world, everyone is left to their own devices to get the job done. Even senior managers like CFO’s and VP’s are keeping up with their own projects and deadlines. Have you seen anyone dictating an e-mail lately?

From the day that Ryan Williams, VP of Business Development of Nexxtep introduced me to Evernote, I have been hooked. It is a multi-tasker’s dream. The basic version is free, and for most users, basic is the most they will need.

How does it work?

Evernote is built around notebooks you create and the notes you generate virtually on the fly that can be easily sent to their related notebook (without ever worrying about whether you saved a note or not). Users can create checklists, set up reminders, import web clippings and use many more really cool features. I especially like the relationship Evernote has built with the journal maker Moleskine. Buy a journal from them, take notes, and using an Evernote app, scan it directly into your notes/notebook.

There’s also the ability to send e-mails to a desired notebook directly from an e-mail account (priceless). I follow them on Facebook for news about webinars and tips & tricks. Users can have Evernote on their tablet, smartphone, desktop, laptop and synchronize across all platforms. If I add a note at home on my desktop, it‘s available for me on all my devices. Check out whether your devices are compatible.

Managing a staff? Set up a notebook for each staffer to follow up on projects and tasks assigned. Create a ‘personal’ notebook where you can make notes about miscellaneous ideas, even journal your thoughts. Play with the ‘View’ settings to see how easy it is to find a note.

Visit and take it for a spin. Whether you are a sole proprietor, small, medium or large business, the software can handle your needs.

Some of my other favorite apps include Shazam (they are definitely building out their functionality), Instagram, and of course Nexxtep’s app (it really works!).

Ryan Williams recently conducted a webinar called “How to Use Evernote to Organize Your Life and Remember Everything.” It’s worth a watch! Check it out here.


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