New Faces at Nexxtep

By February 20, 2014 3 Comments

We’re excited to have welcomed three new members to our team so far this year. Allow us to introduce you!

Roger Green, Systems Engineer

Roger GreenRoger was born and raised in Adel, Georgia, where he still resides today. Although he initially fought the idea of working with technology, he eventually realized how much it helped his life, and now he says “it’s a part of who I am.” As for working at Nexxtep, Roger enjoys the knowledge and professionalism exhibited by his coworkers and peers.

When he’s not working, Roger likes discovering new consumer technologies. He also likes radio-controlled helicopters and planes. Roger has been married to Joni for 15 years. He has 5 (yes 5!) children, ages ranging from 24 years to 14 months.

Steven Lucas, Service Desk Technician

Steven LucasSteven originally hails from Blue Mountain, Arkansas, and has been interested in technology from a small age. As a child, he liked fixing things and taking things apart to figure out how they worked. In fact, that’s how he became interested in IT. While tinkering with a PC one day, he broke it and was unable to fix it. He called a technician and they hit it off and became friends. He eventually started working for this technician and thus began his career in IT.

As for working at Nexxtep, Steven says, “I love the technology. Since I have been here at Nexxtep, I have learned a lot. I love that we discuss our ideas and learn from each other.”

Steven is married to Rhonda and together they have five children.

Stefano Mugnaini, Account Executive

Stefano MugnainiStefano will be in charge of growing our footprint in the Jacksonville, Florida area. He and his family live in Jacksonville where he most recently held a sales position with Paperless Pay Corporation. Prior to his sales career, Stefano was a minister for a number of years. He likes antique guns and hot chili peppers, so he should fit right in here at Nexxtep! Stefano has been married to Shelli for 9 years, and they have two daughters.



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