Technology Predictions for 2015

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Our 2015 Technology Predictions are in!

How did we stack up from last year? Check out our 2014 predictions.

Robert McMichen, Service Manager

  • Home Automation – I think that next year will be a banner year for home automation products.  I also think that a lot of these items will spill over into the workplace.  With sites like IFTTT (“If this then that”)  that allow anyone to automate tasks using hardware from Apple, Belkin, Chamberlin, Phillips, Control4, Nest (just to name a few),  we will be able to automate our everyday lives and tasks.  With GPS on everyone’s phone we can actually do something based off our location. I have some cool stuff setup at my house using the iPhone, WeMo devices and ifttt.com.
  • Applepay (and similar services) is another thing I am looking forward to seeing take off in 2015.  I want to be able to pay for anything and get cash from an ATM using my phone.  I think a phone is much more secure than carrying around a wallet.
  • I think the move to larger phones (or should I say Phablets?) will continue.  We will see more users sticking with a single device.
  • As for businesses, moving to the Cloud will continue. As bandwidth costs get lower everyone will be moving to AWS (Amazon) or Azure (Microsoft) type platforms.

Richard Baker, Account Manager

  • The year mobile malware takes hold. When the bad guys infect your smartphones, people will really start paying attention to security.
  • Targeted attacks aimed at small businesses will increase 20% from 2014.
  • Leading companies will have a social business strategy in place.
  • Solar costs are dropping and will finally become mainstream when costs are the same as electricity in 2015.

Anne Shenton, Marketing Director

  • Business owners will realize that it’s not enough just to have a Facebook page . Without a solid strategy and an intent to genuinely help or entertain your followers, your efforts will be wasted and your messages will never reach a large audience.
  • Small businesses will embrace big data and will rely on visual dashboards to help them make quick, informed decisions.

Feel free to weigh in with your own predictions in the comments!

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