Windows 10 Sneak Peak

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Windows 10 is rumored to be coming out in June, and if you’re using Windows 8, I think you’re going to like this update MUCH better. If you’re running Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can even upgrade for free as long as you do so within the next year. Even if you’re using Windows 7 and like it, I still recommend upgrading to Windows 10. It’s free, there are lots of great new features, but the look and feel of it will still be familiar to you.

I have been testing out the preview release of Windows 10 and wanted to share some of my favorite new features with you.

These screenshots are from my Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2. Once the latest preview is finished installing I will be installing the latest Office 2016 preview as well. Any of the settings below could change with any new preview release until the final product ships.

 1. Windows 10 Desktop – I did not have to configure any settings for my device to boot directly to the Desktop.

Goodbye tile view!

screen shot 1


2. Cortana (the new “personal assistant” originally from Microsoft’s Halo game). Here’s a chat I am having with her asking about Master Chief.

Who is Cortana?

Who is Master Chief?

screen shot 2


3.  Cortana’s settings.


screen shot 3

4. Task view. Shows all open windows as an overlay on the Desktop.


Windows 10 Task View

5. The Start button is back! Here’s a shot of the fully customizable hybrid Start Menu.


screen shot 5

6.  New notification pane for Windows 10.

screen shot 6

And there you have it!

Since this is a preview version of Windows 10, I am running it on a tablet I use for testing. I would not recommend downloading Windows 10 on  your primary computer until the “real”  version is officially released this summer.







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