Windows Shortcuts

By October 6, 2015 2 Comments

On this month’s podcast, I talked about some easy, yet little-known Windows shortcuts. I put each of these shortcuts in a short video so you can see them in action. These tips will work in any version of Windows from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

For your reference, here are the Windows shortcuts in written form:

  • Windows Key + L: Locks your computer (useful if you need to step away from your desk but you don’t want anyone sending out emails on your behalf or accessing your files).
  • Windows Key + D: Shows your desktop (useful if you have a lot of applications open but need to get to a file on your desktop)
  • Windows Key + R: Opens the run command
  • Windows Key + Up or Down Arrows: Maximizes or minimizes your window
  • Windows Key + Left or Right Arrows: Snaps window to the left or right side of your screen.


  • A Friend says:

    Thanks Robert. I currently learned alt f4 will close my applications. Will that work for any application?

    • Thanks for your question, you are correct ALT-F4 will close the active window, this should work for any applications. The ALT key was used for a lot of shortcuts before the Windows key started showing up on PC’s. The Alt-F4 combination is still used to close an active application, but I have read that its not “recommended” by Microsoft on the newer versions of Windows, but it still works fine.

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