iOS 10 New Features Roundup

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Most of us here in the office have already upgraded to iOS 10. The new iPhone/iPad operating system is chock full of fun new features, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and a little lost when things aren’t where they used to be! We polled our office to see which iOS10 features we like the best. Here are our answers:


(Taylor Hutchinson, Solutions Consultant)


You can now share a note in the Apple Notes app with a contact or colleague. When viewing a note, tap on the new Share button along the top of the screen. Select how you’d like to send the invite, enter a contact’s name, and press send. Once accepted, anyone invited to the note will have the ability to add, edit or remove content.

Lock Screen Widgets

(Gene Murphy, Sales Engineer)

I like the lock screen widgets and the fact that it doesn’t unlock and clear notifications right away once the phone/ipad is unlocked by thumbprint.


(Stuart Avera, Chief Technology Officer)

The phone now wakes up when you lift it rather than having to push a button.  Such a first world solution…

Notification Functionality

(Dean Gunsolus, Senior Systems Engineer)

They tend to “pop” more, making them more noticeable as well as the implementation of 3D touch on the notifications.


(David Gully, Software Engineer)


I like the Music app updates. It’s much easier and intuitive to use. The previous iteration was garbage.

More New Features

I’ve also put together some links with even more iOS10 tips and features:

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