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Nexxtep Technology Services Homepage

We just launched a new website! By my count, this is the seventh website we have launched in the 15 years Nexxtep has been in business. That number might seem high, but in the IT industry, it’s probably average.

As we launched our new website, I started feeling nostalgic and took a trip down memory lane using the Wayback Machine. It’s a fun little tool that shows you what websites have looked like through the years. Here are a few versions of our website that I found:

The first instance of our website I could find was this one, created by none other than our CTO and co-founder Stuart Avera back in 2002:


Yes, it looks quite outdated now. And what is with the mysterious man with the briefcase walking on what appears to be a checkerboard? But all joking aside, I am impressed that the site had a newsletter sign up and a blog feed. Believe it or not, features like this were cutting edge for business websites back then.

When I came on board in 2009, I tried my hand at web design and we built our first site in WordPress. After that, we never looked back, and every site we have built since then has been on WordPress. We love the flexibility, the SEO advantages and the ease-of-use it offers.


I’m slightly embarrassed to show off this site now that I have devoted much of my career to website design. But you have to start somewhere, right?

Our latest website is our best one yet. Hats off to Steven Carter, Creative Director at Ascend, for heading up this project.


Maybe we’ll keep this one for more than a couple of years. Only time will tell!



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