Dictate- A Microsoft Garage Project

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We are continuing our series on Microsoft software and the benefits of Office 365. Today we are covering a productivity add-on that will appeal to those of us that speak faster than we type. This will also benefit those of us looking for a hands-free way of transcribing one’s documents or notes. A Microsoft Garage project, Dictate, aims give those using Microsofts Office a faster option to write e-mails, create presentations, or draft documents.

How fast can you type?

Dictate was developed as a prototype piece of software at an annual Microsoft Hackathon. It enables users to use their voice to transcribe text in Microsofts Office software suite. It is available as an add-on for Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Dictate uses Microsoft digital assistant Cortana. It utilizes artificial intelligence and speech recognition software to transcribe text in 20 different languages. Dictate also translates in real-time up to 60 languages. Utilizing spoken commands such as “new line”, “stop dictation” and “enter”  gives users more control while dictating and organizing text. Other commands are included for managing punctuation and deleting text. If you are looking for a faster way to transcribe documents, e-mails, and presentations try ditching the keyboard and give Dictate a shot. Find out more from Microsoft here.

We will continue to cover Microsoft’s wide variety of products and projects for Office 365 in the future. Give us a call if your business wants to learn about how using Office 365 can improve your business’s productivity.


  • How do I speak into my computer. I could not find the information. Thanks, Joyce Aigen.
    I use the speaker on my iphone to text and I love it. Need to fix many words but it is worth it. 229-292-2419

    • Taylor says:

      There should be Dictation button at the top menu in the program you are using. When you click on mic button in Dictate, a red dot should appear next to mic icon.
      When you speak, verify that the cursor is placed on the text pane of the Office app.
      After speaking a sentence, pause for a couple of seconds to see the text output. Sometimes, the first response is a little delayed. If you don’t see a Dictation button in a Microsoft Office program such as Word. Try these steps:

      In Outlook:

      Click inside the Tell me what you want to do search box. It’s the rightmost item on the menu bar.
      Type disabled items, then choose Disabled Items from the results shown.
      Select Dictate from the Disabled Items and enable it.

      In Word/PowerPoint:

      Click on the File menu and then click Options. Select the Add-ins tab.
      Select Dictate inside Inactive/Disabled Application Add-ins section.
      Click on Go and check Dictate in the checklist. Click OK.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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