Technology Predictions for 2018

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Happy New Year from Nexxtep! One of our favorite new year’s traditions is to round up technology predictions for the year ahead. 2017 brought the rise of Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence and unfortunately, more large scale security breaches. What’s in store for 2018? Here’s how our team weighed in:

Net Neutrality is here to stay.

Amos Batts, Systems Engineer

Net neutrality will remain the standard. We may stray away for a while but it will ultimately return after Disney’s streaming service gets throttled.

Blockchain technology will expand

Stuart Avera, CTO

The most popular example of Blockchain technology is Bitcoin, which reached astronomical values in 2017. In 2018 we will see the principles of Blockchain applied to more than just currency. Bitcoin and its competitors are demonstrating that technology will drive our economy even more in the future.

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) will become more mainstream

Phillip Guthrie, Systems Engineer

AI in cloud services and internet of things (IoT): these technologies are here and already being used today. Artificial Intelligence will fuel the next wave of Cloud Computing. AI is going to become a part of day to day life. Hardware like Google Home, Siri and Amazon Echo will continue to become smarter and will change the landscape of how we live and even do business.

Managed Services is the new IT department

Robert McMichen, Service Manager

More companies will look to managed IT services to handle their technology as their needs for cloud based infrastructure increases. On the same note, more software vendors will be moving to cloud based infrastructure. It’s already happening, thanks to faster Internet connections. Localized infrastructure will decrease significantly.

Just for fun…

Taylor Hutchinson, Solutions Consultant

Amazon merges with Google and then acquires Boston Dynamics, forming a new entity called Cyberdyne Systems.

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