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Technology Predictions for 2019

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Every year, I survey the office to see what everyone’s predictions are for the year ahead. This is the 9th year we have published our predictions! It’s fun to go back and look at the previous years. I thought this set from 2012 was especially interesting.

Amazon’s Domination Continues

“Amazon continues to grow by leaps and bounds utilizing more IoT and AI technologies.” – Stuart Avera, CTO

Foldable Smartphones


Credit: The Verge

Foldable screens will become a thing, possibly leading to folding tablets and 2-and-1 devices like in Westworld.“- Taylor Hutchinson, Solutions Consultant

Zoom Zoom – 5G Coming Soon

“We’ll start to see the first 5G phones next year. By 2020 they should fully immerse the market and phone data speeds should greatly increase many times over.” – David Gully, Software Engineer

“AT&T will offer 5G soon, they are pushing to have Gigabit+ speeds over wireless and do away with wire based internet, i.e. fiber.”- Robert McMichen, Service Manager

To the Cloud!

“More infrastructure moves to the cloud. It will become the norm for a business to house all their applications and data in the cloud.” – Stuart Avera, CTO

“Simply the fact that Microsoft is no longer pushing/selling its flagship product Exchange over Office 365 is a huge nod to the fact that on prem servers will continue to be a thing of the past. Basically everything is going cloud, I imagine desktops in the could will continue to become more common.”- Robert McMichen, Service Manager

Lock. It. Down.

“Security – this will become a major focus (as if it’s not already) for 2019.   We will be requiring all clients to use MFA (two factor) authentication.” – Robert McMichen, Service Manager

“Cyber security becomes a bigger challenge for us all. Threats will become more sophisticated and highly targeted.” – Stuart Avera, CTO

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