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Data Backups, Data Center Services and Disaster Recovery Planning

Are you 100% sure you could restore your valuable business data in the event of a disaster?

Each year a business is guaranteed to have many productivity hits, whether it’s a stolen laptop, a failed email server or an accidentally deleted file or folder. Some incidents are minor and some are major, but one thing is consistent: all of these occurrences negatively affect employees, customers, and your bottom line.


STORGUARD securely protects and instantly restores business data, applications, and systems so you never have loss of productivity or revenue due to downtime. Our innovations in cloud-based backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery make it especially easy for you to comply with SOX, HIPAA and other regulations while giving your customers the peace of mind that important records are always available, from anywhere, no matter what happens.

STORGUARD offers the first complete data protection service for small and medium business (SMB) customers designed to ensure business continuity every day and protect your most important asset—data—in the event of loss or corruption. With just a simple click, STORGUARD lets you restore lost data in minutes, not days, weeks or even months like other solutions.


  • All of your data is backed up continuously throughout the day. That means if your server crashes, we can recover your work up to 15 minutes prior to the event.
  • We can automatically back up all of your data to a highly-secure, off-site location. This eliminates the unreliability of tapes and external hard drives, and protects you if your office is destroyed by an earthquake, flood, fire, and even theft and human error.
  • No more swapping tapes! Everything is done automatically.
  • Should your server crash – or even get destroyed – we’ll have a mirror copy of your server, with all the software and settings exactly as you had them, that can instantly take over. That means you won’t be down for days while we rebuild your server!
  • We can monitor this system 24-7 to make sure it’s working. No ‘unpleasant surprises’ that your backups weren’t working.


There’s a device that stays in your workplace for FAST backup and restores.



Appliances are built with special chipsets to allow the operations of a failed server to failover to the appliance until a server replacement is found.


A copy of your data and server images can be stored at our secure data center—automatically sent on a schedule that is preset.

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