Case Study: Smith Northview Hospital (A Campus of SGMC)

Growing hospital's IT went from constant worry to innovative advantage


The Challenge

Hospital technology was a constant worry, and support was only available 60 hours a week.



The Solution

Nexxtep provided full-staff IT support 24/7/365 until SMITH Northview Hospital was acquired by South Georgia Medical Center in 2012.


The Story

Shamb Purohit used to lose a lot of sleep when he had to handle technology emergencies in the middle of the night.  Hospital technology was a constant worry on his mind, and support was only available 60 hours a week.  After Nexxtep took over, Purohit slept peacefully knowing that we took good care of SMITH’s information systems, and that we were there when he needed us, 24/7/365. The following are excerpts from an interview with Purohit, who served as the hospital’s Chief Financial Officer.

Why did SMITH decide to outsource hospital technology?

“We were growing so fast that we were not able to keep up with technology advancements.  We needed to grow even further and make our technology more manageable.  If we didn’t outsource, we would have had to rebuild our IT infrastructure, but we did not have the capability or technology to do that.”

How does Nexxtep support SMITH on a day-to-day basis?

“Before it used to be a constant worry on my mind.  Nexxtep has taken that burden from our leadership, which gives me the time to focus on growth and opportunity for the hospital.”

Why is Nexxtep the best option for SMITH?

“Managing IT internally involves using lots of internal resources and employee management.  Nexxtep brings in a large pool of talent and IT operations run seamlessly even if an employee becomes ill or leaves.”

How has Nexxtep been instrumental in SMITH’s growth in the past few years?

“We can now focus on new opportunities rather than existing problems.  We have expanded our information systems dramatically in the past few years, and it would have been very daunting without the help of Nexxtep.”


Why do I trust Nexxtep? It’s simple enough- because they deliver.

Shamb Purohit

CFO, SMITH Northview Hospital (Formerly), Colquitt Regional Medical Center (Currently)

What goes on in the weekly CIO Meetings?

“We meet weekly with members of Nexxtep’s senior management to discuss any hardware, connectivity and software issues.  We discuss how to resolve these issues, and we also evaluate new and upcoming projects.  This concept has been emulated by other hospitals, because it helps them to resolve issues and grow at the same time.”

Why is Nexxtep a smart option for SMITH’s budget?

“Before we only had 60 or 70 hours of support a week.  Now we have 24/7 support.  Nexxtep manages the hiring and manages the employees.  Our IT costs are mostly fixed, whereas before they were very unpredictable.”


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