South Georgia Pecan Company:
Innovation & Efficiency

Jeff Holton, CFO of South Georgia Pecan Company, shares his experience working with Nexxtep on custom application development and IT services.


What Others Are Saying

Tim Dame

I value character and integrity.  That’s why I chose Nexxtep.  I know they will always work with the best interest of my firm in mind.

Tim Dame, CPA
Managing Partner
Dame, Walker, Hughes and Co., LLC CPAs

It has been a pleasure working with Nexxtep. Philip Jones and Richard Baker have been extremely helpful and patient with all of our crazy questions. I appreciate their assistance and would recommend Nexxtep to my friends, family, and clients.”

Lisa Setliff
Regulatory Manager
Landis International

Why do I trust Nexxtep?  It’s simple enough—because they deliver.

Before, IT used to be a constant worry on my mind.  Nexxtep has taken that burden from our leadership, which gives me the time to focus on growth and opportunity for the hospital.

Shamb Purohit
Larry Wisenbaker

Nexxtep built a custom Accounts Receivable system for our sand and asphalt division, and it has fit our needs perfectly. Stuart talked with both the system’s planners and the end-users about what we needed and wanted in the new system. He listened very well and incorporated everything we requested into the system’s interface. The system has allowed our business to operate with a retail orientation, which has fueled the division’s growth.

Larry Wisenbaker
The Scruggs Company

The N-Care support plan has been awesome. I could not ask for better service or better turnaround time. We call, and in most cases, our issue is resolved within 30 minutes.

It has saved us a lot of money. Instead of being billed by the hour for every little thing that goes wrong, it’s all included in a monthly fee. We have had some pretty serious issues, and they have handled them for us. I just couldn’t ask for better service or better turn-around time.

Linda Exum
Executive Office Manager

Nexxtep has a proactive approach. Instead of fixing what’s broken, they prevent problems from even happening. They’re always looking for new ways to help our firm become more profitable. With the help of their technology leadership, we have grown to become one of the most successful accounting firms in South Florida.”

Edward P. Hirschberg
Managing Partner
Kaufman Rossin & Co., PA

Our IT capabilities have made us more efficient in serving our clients. That’s bottom line for us. I like your responsiveness, and I like that you are always telling us about the new things coming out on the horizon that we should look into.

Roger Horton
General Manager

Along with a good telephone system, computers are at the heart of a law firm’s operations.  Still, I had to make sure that I had enough capacity, but not too much—if I could get by without a dedicated server and have the same functionality and protection, I needed to.  Nexxtep found a way to make it happen using an integrated network of desktops and my laptop.  It works great.

Richard Barnes
Attorney and Owner
Barnes Law LLC

No matter when we have a problem, I know we can get ahold of someone right away to get that problem fixed.  That’s a very comforting feeling.

Frank Richards
President and CEO
Second Harvest of South Georgia Food Banks

Nexxtep is our IT “safe harbor.” Thank you for being there with all your patience and expertise!

Theresa Crumley
Tishco Properties

Thank you to the Nexxtep support team for being well prepared for our recent upgrade, responsive to issues, and for providing communication regarding those issues and your efforts to resolve. Greatly appreciated!

Becky Pearson
Firm Administrator

You demonstrated a strong understanding of our industry, and I could see you had enough personnel to support our growing firm. That has proven to be true. Nexxtep is very responsive, which is critical. Our computers and software are our primary tools, so if we have downtime, we might as well go home. Nexxtep makes sure we stay up and running.

Larry Taylor
Managing Partner

We’re extremely satisfied. The technicians have been very professional and extremely responsive. We’re more productive because we don’t have to wait on computer service for hours or days at a time. Your guys can access our computers remotely and fix our issues in a matter of minutes

James Gillis
Gillis Brothers, Inc.

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